About me

dscn0494This website is for HipHop heads. This includes rappers, producers, and fans of Hiphop.

What is the VALUE?

  • Free drum kits for producers!
  • Free beats for Artists!
  • Free music from me!
  • I will be providing a “Behind scenes look into Hiphop”, I’ll be interviewing low key movers and shakers in the industry and uncover their best kept secrets.
  • HipHop production tips
  • Rapping Tips
  • Song Writing tips
  • and *exclusive shit!  (If you want the exclusive shit sign up for my email list)     😉

Who am I?

My name is Isaac Tubonemi, A.K.A  Tubo and Blak Kat (it’s still in the works haha). I started this website on September of 2015. At first I wanted it to be a landing site for my music. But then, I realized I can do that on Soundcloud instead. So I had to think bigger, you can’t make it in this world if all you can do is rap on free beats. So I started to produce my own beats, gained a small following on Instagram, dumped all the toxic bitches in my life, and started a never ending journey of self discovery and producing music.

If you stuck around, I appreciate it. Don’t forget to sign up for my email list!



The World is listening.

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